SCA & Payment for the EUDIW

Overview of the proposed technical specifications

Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: This publication is work-in-progress and will be progressively updated.

Baseline architecture proposed by the EU

Basic principles

• Public / Private key Cryptography
• Digital Signatures
• Utilising the architecture and standards already proposed by the ARF
• Generic approach

Building Blocks

proposed extensions

XS2A OpenBanking

W3C Verifiable Credentials

RFC 9101

The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework: JWT-Secured
Authorization Request (JAR)

RFC 9396

OAuth 2.0 Rich Authorization Requests

One time onboarding

Using default OpenID4VC

Generic Request to Sign Flow

Suitable for SCA based on OpenID4VP

Generic extended Request to Sign Flow

Suitable for Payments based on OpenID4VP

SCA Approach

based on OpenID4VP using OpenBanking

See complete flow here

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