What is a real laboratory?

Here, digitalization and software projects are tested at an early stage in a demarcated, productive environment – a response to the growing complexity of digitalization, supported by European and German legislators. represents the Sparkassenfinanzgruppe in the large scale pilot projects NOBID and POTENTIAL. These have a contractually fixed duration of at least two years.

Other important regulations requiring our attention have already been announced, such as the Digital Euro, FIDA and PSD3/PSR. The is already active in the “Digital Euro Project”.

The is an approach of the Sparkassenfinanzgruppe to follow this ‘reallabor idea’ early on and to use it for its own organization. With its current tasks, the corresponds to the principles and goals of a reallabor.

Empirical and technical advocacy & risk management.

With the “GiroBooster” use case, errors and necessary adjustments in regulation, technology, security and administration in the Sparkassen financial group and on the public side were identified and resolved at a very early stage.

Tests are carried out in controlled, limited environments with a few pilot Sparkassen and their customers. Errors are thus detected much more cheaply and the organization can take risks. Problems are fed back to policymakers and manufacturers at an early stage, before software is deployed in larger contexts with many users and thus much higher potential for damage.

The risk of overall failure is reduced. The is a risk management tool.

Through the LSP pilots Potential and NOBID, we have the opportunity at an early stage to shape professional and technical architectures and standards in our sense and for our requirements.
New regulations are and will be more concrete, technical and precise. responds to this trend.

The important role of pilot Sparkassen

Indispensable for policy
and the own organization

The basic prerequisite for the success and mission of this reallab are real pilot Sparkassen, real customers and thus a real environment!
We are looking for pilot Sparkassen that are willing and able to provide such a context. Only with the support of Sparkassen can we provide the necessary ‘reallab framework’.

Pilot Sparkassen and their employees are practitioners with experience from the market. When we create concepts for legislators, FinanzInformatik or Sparkassenverlag, this knowledge is essential. Political projects benefit extensively from this experience. This concrete experience is also demanded by legislators.

Pilot Sparkassen and their employees know which approaches can be used to improve their working environment or the customer environment.
Pilot Sparkassen are thus important generators of ideas and MVPs.

We need you! Permanently.

We are permanently looking for pilot Sparkassen and their employees for this long-term mission.

Through consistent and regular monitoring, the pilot Sparkassen become an integral part of and benefit from early insights, experience, training, ideas, their own influence and creative space, proximity to politics, and an innovative and digital image.

Pilot Sparkassen should become involved as permanent pilot Sparkassen:
Give their employees the opportunity to support the with 1-3 days per week on a permanent, use-case and project-neutral basis.
Agree to use pilot software productively in their Sparkassen after coordination.

Financial or other obligations or guarantees towards or the DSGV are not entered into.

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