Unlocking online banking

Forgotten your pin or entered it incorrectly three times? No problem!

The second pilot project of digitallabor.berlin addresses a problem that can be very time-consuming for many customers. The aim is to develop a new process for independent, convenient unlocking of online banking. Here, too, we are relying entirely on the online ID function (eID), the German government’s digital identity for Germany.


The online ID function (eID) has been awarded the highest level of trust by the EU. The new PIN is issued in a secure and fully encrypted web session

100 % digital

Your access is unlocked completely digitally and from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Simply assign your new PIN online.


Unblock your online banking completely within a few minutes. The new process eliminates any waiting times for customer advisors or a new PIN letter

Forgotten your pin or entered it incorrectly three times? Simply unblock online with the electronic ID card (eID).

The principles?

  1. Authentication at the start Personal data is automatically transferred from the ID card to the online form for resetting the PIN.
  2. AusweisApp2 as an eID client on the smartphone.
  3. The new online banking pin can be set immediately online, no pin letter by post is necessary.

Advantages for the savings banks


Entlastung der Service Center

High level of relief for savings bank service centers and branches thanks to the fully digital process


Verbesserte Datenqualität

Improved data quality, as the data is automatically read from the ID card – the risk of incorrect entries is significantly reduced.


Verifizierte Daten

Only authenticated, verified and up-to-date data is transmitted to the savings banks; data that is not forgery-proof and cannot be 100% verified, such as photos and OCR interpretations, is no longer used.

Advantages for customers

  • The account can be unblocked at any time and from anywhere as long as the customer has their ID card and the AusweisApp2 to hand.
  • The account can also be unblocked easily at weekends and on public holidays
  • The account is unlocked and ready for use again in just a few minutes – The personal data is automatically transferred from the ID card to the application form

Reset Online Banking Pilot-Saving Banks

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