A new checking account in just a few clicks with digital identity

The GiroBooster is a pilot project of with the aim of making account opening even faster, more secure and thus much more convenient for customers of the Sparkassen. In doing so, we are relying fully on the online ID function (eID), the federal government’s digital identity for Germany.


The online ID function (eID) has been awarded the highest level of trust by the EU. The data is transmitted securely to the savings banks and customers using state-of-the-art encryption technologies. The customer receives the access data to the new account digitally and in real time.

100 % digital

Open your new checking account from the comfort of your sofa. All you need is your smartphone with the ID app2 installed and an ID card. No more copies of IDs or photos are required. The account is ready for use in just a few minutes!


The online form for opening an account is completed in just a few clicks. The applicant’s personal data is automatically transferred from the ID card.

giroBooster – Open an account simply online with the electronic ID card (eID).
Now live at the first Sparkasse

What are the GiroBooster principles?

What we do differently

  1. Unlike in already existing eID legitimation processes of the Sparkassen, our GiroBooster customers start the account opening process with the legitimation instead of having to do it after the account opening. This allows us to automatically transfer the data from the ID card to the application form. This enables higher data quality and reduces the input fields for the customer.
  2. In accordance with legal requirements, we do not ask for a copy of the ID and a specimen signature. The proof of identity with the online ID function is therefore DSGVO and GWG compliant.
  3. The customer receives the access data immediately after opening the account – completely digitally and securely encrypted. This eliminates the need to send access data by mail. This saves paper and work.Translated with DeepL

Advantages for the Sparkassen


Verbesserte Datenqualität

Improved data quality, because the data is automatically read from the ID card – The risk of incorrect entries is significantly reduced.


Bessere Kostenstruktur

The online ID function as a government identity procedure will always have a better cost structure than private sector identity procedures.


Verifizierte Daten

Only authenticated, verified and up-to-date data is transmitted to the savings banks; data that is not forgery-proof and cannot be 100% verified, such as photos and OCR interpretations, is no longer used.


Langfristiges Geschäftsmodell

By promoting public ecosystems, the risk of disintermediation is reduced and the Sparkassen banks’ business model is safeguarded in the long term, even in a digital world.


Bessere Skalierung

With the promotion of public solutions, the value chain in the area of identification is also reduced to the necessary minimum. This enables significantly more efficient cost structures and better scaling for the Sparkassen.



GiroBooster is already preparing Sparkassen for new EU regulations. It operates 100% within the specified regulatory framework for digital processes and meets all data protection requirements for the Sparkassen.

Advantages for customers

  1. The account can be opened from the comfort of your sofa; all the customer needs is an electronic ID card and the ID card app2 installed on his or her smartphone.
  2. The account is opened and ready for use in just a few minutes – the personal data is automatically transferred from the ID card to the application form
  3. The access data is sent electronically immediately after completion – there is no longer any need to wait for the access data to arrive by post

giroBooster Pilot Sparkasse

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