The key to secure and trustworthy online transactions in the EU

A uniform framework for electronic identification and trust services has been established since 2014. These standards enable companies, citizens and public institutions to carry out secure electronic identification and transactions across borders – from electronic signatures to time stamps. The regulation promotes trust and legal certainty in the digital world.

eIDAS2 is expected to come into force in April 2024.

For digitallabor.berlin, eIDAS2 forms the basis for all our solutions in the field of digital identity management. As experts, we deal with the classification in the banking world at an early stage, provide recommendations for action and develop processes for practical implementation.

Four Large Scale Pilots (LSP) were launched as part of the European research and innovation program Digital Europe: the European Wallet Consortium (EWC), DC4EU, Potential and NOBID. These pioneering initiatives aim to test the EU Digital Wallet (EUDIW) and the other components in the eIDAS 2.0 ecosystem and pilot them in transnational use cases.

digitallabor.berlin is directly involved in the two CSPs NOBID and Potential.

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